Michael Constantine Dimopoulos

Greek computer engineering student at iee@IHU. On this site, you will find my personal projects and programs. I am an acitivist for free, open source and minimalist Unix style software, of a debloated web and of idealist philosophy. I am interested in history, folklore, anthropology, philosophy (mostly metaphysics), theology, mathematics and, of course, computers, more specifically security and linux, BSD etc. Thanks a lot to iee@IHU for hosting this webpage!



Houndsniff is a hash identification program I wrote in C, because why not? It works with an SQLite database, where all the hash names and identifiable characteristics are stored, so that they can be quickly indexed. You can clone it from Github.

PAX is a personalized wordlist generator I wrote in Python that creates dictionaries / wordlists based on the information you give it. You can later use the wordlist in a dictionary password attack in a pentest setting. Admittedly, the code is a little messy, but it does get the job done. I've been meaning to update it, but haven't had much time lately. You can clone it from Github.